Crusader™ - Camelot®™ Welded Vinyl Windows - Double Hung

Our Premium Crusader Double Hung is the ultimate all-welded window. Its fusion-welded corners and beautiful trim lines combine rich, traditional styling.

 Crusader Double Hung Features:
  • Sashlite®, a revolutionary 7/8" insulated technology, provides the highest warm edge ratings and structural integrity possible.
  • Frame and sash corners are miter-cut and fusion-welded at 500° F for superior structural integrity that significantly exceeds the strength of ordinary mechanical window design.
  • Both sashes tilt in easily for safe, fast cleaning from inside the home.
  • Aluminum extruded half-locking screen with fiberglass screen wire provides a clean, snug fit.
  • Constant force balance system for easy, smooth operation.
  • Gold series double weatherstripping provides superior UV resistance and resists mold, mildew and fungus.
  • Extruded lift and pull rails with no snap-in parts or components.
  • Patented heavy-duty, cam-action lock, incorporated with aluminum reinforced interlocking sashes, provides an extra seal at meeting rail.
  • Fusion-welded sloped sill provides quick water runoff and continuous weathertight performance.
  • Standard double-strength glass.
  • Deluxe ventilation latches enable windows to vent in a partially open position, providing a combination of fresh air and peace of mind.
  • Beveled interior and exterior glazing system for dynamic structural integrity, as well as aesthetic design.
  • Maintenance-free 100% virgin vinyl.
  • Insulating installation jamb foam.


trim lines
combine rich,
traditional styling!


Our advanced fusion-welded sash and frame corners make our windows much stronger than ordinary mechanical window designs.

Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from the inside. No unsafe ladders or dangerous leaning out of windows for cleaning.

The fusion-welded sloped sill ensures continuous run-off of rainwater.

 Lifetime Warranty

Every Crusader window is backed by a written, limited lifetime warranty against blistering, corroding, flaking, peeling or rotting of all extruded vinyl components, hardware and insulated glass. You have our word on it.

Our windows are made from custom compounded PVC resin. There's no cracking, no warping or peeling, ever. Available with optional nailing fin and "J"-channel for new construction.