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Bay and Bow Window Features

The Camelot® vinyl windows are your best choice for enhancing the beauty of any home or office while also providing energy efficiency and low maintenance for many years.
  Add value to your home.

Stylish, durable bows you can count on.
  A Camelot® bow window allow the radius or curve to remain the same throughout the window. Bow window sections or lites are generally equal in size. The larger the width, the greater the projection will be. You can have opening sections in any bow window that is either casement type or double hung. Three color options of White, Almond or Cocoa outside/White inside will complement any exterior.

This bow window is shown with four lites, and the ends open as casements. The head, sill and jambs are finished in birch plywood, ready for staining or painting. After the inside trim is added, a great new look is created! Imagine the change to your room in your home or office by installing a beautiful bow window.
After considering all of your choices,
the only real choice that's easy is choosing a Camelot® bow window.
The rest is up to you!
Attractive Styling
Bay windows allow a greater view because you get maximum projection in a given opening. Here you can clearly see the hollow chambers in each and every bay window unit to help maximize the energy efficiency of the unit. You can choose from any of four different degrees; 9°, 15°, 30° or 45° to help accommodate the specific projection you would like for a given opening.
Beauty that complements your home.
High-energy efficient bays to protect it.
Greater Design Flexibility
Bay windows increase the property value and curb appearance of your home. Pictured to the right is a bay window with two operating double hung windows on each side, with the center lite fixed. You can also have casement type vents. All bay windows come standard with a steel threaded rod and an optional cable support system.  
Energy Efficient
All of our Bay and Bow windows utilize 7/8" PPG Intercept Warm edge glass technology for the height of energy efficiency. Our vinyl extrusions begin with virgin vinyl and have multiple hollow chambers for added strength and efficiency. All units are fully welded for strength and virtually eliminate the chance of air or water penetration. State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures that all of our units meet with the National Fenestration Rating Council's certifications and is Energy Star Compliant.  

Benefits of Bulk Glass Block

Freedom of Design
Glass BlockPC Glass Block products exhibit a multifaceted character that begins with the transparent/translucent sparkling beauty of glass itself. But the form of PC Glass Block products - type, thickness, size, shape and pattern - and the methods of installation combine to allow you truly unique executions of your most exciting ideas .. your finest designs. Applications range from entire facades, windows, interior, dividers and partitions.. to skylights, floors, walkways and stairways. The outer bounds of your imagination are the only limitations.

InstallEnvironment Control
PC Glass Block units permit you to control light - natural or artificial, day or night - for function and drama. You can also control thermal transmission, noise, dust, and drafts.

Installation Flexibility
PC Glass Block units can be installed on-site .. or supplied prefabricated in panels, completely finished and ready for placement. Depending on your application, assembly can be by mortar, silicon sealant or grid system.

Regular Series

ARGUS Pattern
Rounded perpendicular flutes. Maximum light transmission/medium degree of privacy.
DECORA Pattern
With its distinctive wavy undulations. Maximum light transmission / subtle distortion.
DECORA Pattern
"LX" Filter

Fibrous glass insert adds significant thermal and light characteristics. Maximum privacy

ESSEX AA Pattern
A fine grid of closely spaced ridges. Moderate light diffusing / maximum privacy.
VUE Pattern
Smooth, undistorted faces allow maximum light transmission and ultimate visibility.
Frosted Block
VUE Pattern

Provides maximum privacy with moderate light transmission. It's sandblasted finish provides a soft, translucent, non-reflective surface.

Cutaways show the three-times greater face thickness of the THICKSET Block vs. the standard units shown above.
DECORA Pattern

Thicker-faced version of this popular pattern with its distinctive wavy undulations. Maximum light transmission / subtle distortions.
ENDURA Pattern

Ideal where thick-faced, heavier glass block is needed. Narrow flutes provide moderate light transmission / maximum privacy.

VUE Pattern

Modest distortion, thicker-faced block. Maximum light transmission / good visibility.
VISTABRIK Solid Glass Block
VUE Pattern

With 3'' of solid glass, high impact strength provides enhanced vandal resistance. Excellent light transmission / good visibility.
VISTABRIK Solid Glass Block
Stipple Finish

Solid 3 inch thickness of glass with a stippled finish to add privacy. Same characteristics as the VISTABRIK Solid Glass Block, VUE Pattern. Good light transmission / medium privacy.

EndBlock Finishing Units
DECORA Pattern

For finishing horizontal or vertical edges of interior panels available for use with the Premiere Series.
TRIDON 45o Block Units
DECORA Pattern

Creates angles for configurations from 45-360o for columns, alcoves, and undulating panes.
HEDRON Corner Block
DECORA Pattern

Hexagonal corner unit allows you to form 90o corners resulting in a gently rounded continuous glass face. The block can be used in combination with any other finishing unit.

Encurve Finishing Unit
DECORA Pattern

With arched, soft edges to round out your design options or finish panels. Use with 8" x 8" End Block stepped panel.